China wholesaler 40bd49duk8a 657684 6559496 CZPT Cup GM Buick Automobile Air Conditioning Compressor Bearing with high quality

Product Description

Product Description

40BD49DUK8A 657684 6559496 golden cup GM buick Automobile air conditioning compressor bearing

Auto Bearing Air Conditioning Compressor Bearing 35bd5222 (30BD4712 30BD4720 30BD5222 35BD5222 35BD5212 DA35716 6302RMX 40BD45DU
35BD5571DU 35BD219V 40BG05SIG)

Application : BMW Mini,Honda,Nissan,Ford Mondeo,Volkswagen Golf,Opel Safari,Great Wall Harvard H3,706,ATJ series model BYD (F0 F3 F6 Y1 G3 L3) Hafei Simbo,The star of Changan,Xihu (West Lake) Dis.,HangZhou,JINBEI Grace,Charade,Zhongxing ick-up truck,FOTON,etc

CHIK BEARINGS ADVANTAGES 1. Manufacturer,the most competive price and good quality 2. Perfect group of technical engineers give you the best support 3.Well-trained group of international sales provide the best service 4.OEM brand aviliable 5.Rich stock and quick delivery

Product nameWheel Automobile air conditioning compressor bearing
Material Bearing Steel
Bearing Package Barreled, bagged, boxed, palletized or as customers’ requirement.
Service OEM service provided
Delivery time 3-10 days depends on quantity needed

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Product Parameters

  BDL.NO       Automotive
1 DAC124 DAC3568A2RS   GB10840 S02   B-33 IR-8026   Fiat Volvo
76 633,967,633,967       LaDa  Chrysrle
77 DAC3568 M8-808442 DAC4074CWCS73 AU0803   40BWD016       Proton
136 DAC4074   Chrysler    Peugeot
202 DAC45800045 2RS 0.80   564725AB         510051   700-498-630-  
203 DAC45800048 ZZ 0.83         GB 40096          
204 DAC45830044 2RS 0.88 615645                  
205 DAC45840039 2RS 0.88 BAHB 35717 547103E     GB12398S02 45BWD03 513130 IR-8529 2571810127  
206 DAC45840039 ZZ 0.88         GB40264          
207 DAC45840041/39 2RS 0.89     DAC4584DW     43BWD113       Citroen  Peugeot  Volvo
208 DAC45840041/39 ZZ 0.89             510034      
209 DAC45840042/40 ZZ 0.90       DE571   45BWD07B 510039     Mitsubish,2.3
210 DAC4585571 0.70 4209ATN9 4209BTVH           IR-8566    
211 DAC458500302 2RS 0.86     DAC2004              
212 DAC45850041 ZZ 0.88   580191             33411090505 Ford
213 DAC45850051 ZZ 0.88     DAC4585              
214 DAC45880039 0.95         GB40300 S03          
215 DAC47810053 ZZ 0.88     DAC4781WSH2       51571      
216 DAC47850045 ZZ 0.90   K559431         516008      
217 DAC48860042/40             48BWD01        
218 DAC49840048 2RS 0.98 BAHB35717C 547103 DAC458439BW         IR-8572    
219 DAC49840048 ZZ 0.98                    
220 DAC49880046 ZZ 0.92   572506     GB45719S02 49BWD01B       Toyota  Lexus
  BDL.NO       Automotive type
221 DAC50900034 0.84 633007C 528514                
222 DAC55900040                      
223 DAC50820033/28 ZZ 0.78                    
224 DAC55900060                      
225 DAC35720033  ABS 0.56 BAH00583ADX                  
226 DAC37720033  ABS 0.56 BAH0072                  
227 DAC37720037 ABS 0.58 BAH0055                  
228 DAC38730040 ABS 0.65           38BWD26        
229 DAC38740040 ABS             38BWD27        
230 DAC39720037 ABS 0.58 BAH5716                  
231 DAC39740039 ABS 0.66 BAH 0043 C                  
232 DAC4571037 ABS 0.62 BAH 0068 D                  
233 DAC4571039 ABS 0.67           40BWD17        
234 DAC40840040 ABS 0.90         XGB40492          
235 DAC42780045 ABS 0.90 BAH0069                  
236 DAC42820036 ABS 0.78 BAH0178                  
237 DAC43800040 ABS 0.88                    
238 DAC43780044 ABS 0.85     DAC4378W-1 AU571-4     510089      
239 DAC45870041/39 ABS 0.98                    

30BD4718DU 30BD4722DU 30BD5220DU 30BD5222DU
30BD40DU 32BD4718DUK 32BD45DU 35BD5571DU
35BD5220DU 35BD5222DFX7 35BD5223DU 35BD219DB
35BD6221DU 35BD6224DV 35BD210DDV 38BD5417DU 
40BD5524DU 40BD45DU 40BD49 40BD219DU 40BD6624DU


Packaging & Shipping


Company Profile


Our Advantages

Our Advantages:
1. World-Class Bearing: We provide our customers with all types of indigenous bearing with world-class quality.
2. OEM or Non-Stand Bearings: Any requirement for Nonstandard bearings is Easily Fulfilled by us due to its vast knowledge and links in the industry.
3. Genuine products With Excellent Quality: The company has always proved the 100% quality products it provides with genuine intent.
4. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance as per the customer’s requirements and needs.
5. Quick Delivery: The company provides just-in-time delivery with its streamlined supply chain. 
1. Samples quantity: 1-10 PCS are available. 
2. Free samples: It depends on the Model No., material and quantity. Some of the bearings samples need client to pay samples charge and shipping cost. 
3. It’s better to start your order with Trade Assurance to get full protection for your samples order. 

The customized LOGO or drawing is acceptable for us. 

1. MOQ: 10 PCS standard bearings. 
2. MOQ: 1000 PCS customized your brand bearings. 

1. We can printing your brand (logo, artwork)on the shield or laser engraving your brand on the shield. 
2. We can custom your packaging according to your design
3. All copyright own by clients and we promised don’t disclose any info.



1.What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
    Can be negotiated, we will try our best to meet customer needs.Our company is mainly based on wholesale sales, most customers’orders are more than 1 ton.
2.What is your latest delivery time?
    Most orders will be shipped within 7-15 days of payment being received.
3.Does your company have quality assurance?
    Yes, for 1 years.
4.What is the competitiveness of your company’s products compared to other companies?
    High precision, high speed, low noise.
5.What are the advantages of your company’s services compared to other companies?
    Answer questions online 24 hours a day, reply in a timely manner, and provide various documents required by customers for customs clearance or sales. 100% after-sales service.
6.Which payment method does your company support?
    Do our best to meet customer needs, negotiable.
7.How to contact us quickly?
    Please send us an inquiry or message and leave your other contact information, such as phone number, account or account, we will contact you as soon as possible and provide the detailed information you need.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any other question



Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseparated
Rows Number: Double
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
Material: Bearing Steel
Product Name: Automobile Air Conditioning Compressor Bearing
US$ 10/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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cup bearing

Contribution of Cup Bearings to Smooth Operation and Reduced Friction

Cup bearings play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of machinery while minimizing friction. Their design and functions contribute to this in several ways:

  • Reduced Friction: Cup bearings are designed to minimize friction between moving parts. Their rolling elements, such as balls or rollers, reduce contact surfaces and enable smooth, low-friction movement. This reduces energy consumption and heat generation in the machinery.
  • Load Distribution: Cup bearings distribute loads evenly across their rolling elements. This even load distribution prevents excessive stress on specific points and ensures that the machinery operates smoothly without experiencing undue wear or damage.
  • Alignment Tolerance: Cup bearings can accommodate misalignment to some degree. This ability to handle minor misalignments ensures that even in less-than-ideal conditions, the machinery can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Minimized Wear: The rolling elements and races of cup bearings are often made from materials with excellent wear resistance. This minimizes wear and extends the service life of the bearing and the machinery in which it is used.
  • Reduced Heat Generation: The low friction and efficient load distribution of cup bearings result in reduced heat generation during operation. This is particularly important in high-speed machinery where excessive heat can lead to premature wear and reduced efficiency.

Overall, cup bearings contribute to the efficient and smooth operation of machinery by reducing friction, ensuring even load distribution, and providing tolerance for misalignment. These factors are essential for minimizing wear, extending the lifespan of the machinery, and maintaining high performance.

cup bearing

Innovations in Cup Bearing Technology

Recent advancements in cup bearing technology have led to improved performance, reliability, and versatility. Some notable innovations include:

1. Advanced Materials: The development of new materials, such as advanced ceramics and high-performance polymers, has increased bearing durability and resistance to extreme conditions.

2. Enhanced Seals and Shields: Modern cup bearings feature improved sealing technologies that provide better protection against contamination, moisture, and other environmental factors.

3. Lubrication Systems: Some cup bearings now incorporate advanced lubrication systems, including automatic lubrication units, to ensure consistent and optimal lubrication levels.

4. Smart Bearings: IoT (Internet of Things) and sensor technology have enabled the creation of “smart” cup bearings that can monitor their own performance, providing real-time data on conditions and wear.

5. Customization: Manufacturers offer more customization options, allowing customers to tailor cup bearings to their specific application requirements.

6. Improved Load Ratings: Advancements in design and materials have increased the load-carrying capabilities of cup bearings, expanding their utility in heavy-duty applications.

7. Sustainable Practices: Bearing manufacturers are increasingly adopting eco-friendly materials and production processes, contributing to sustainability efforts.

These innovations have expanded the range of applications for cup bearings and have made them more reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect further improvements in cup bearing performance and capabilities.

cup bearing

Comparison of Cup Bearings with Other Bearing Types

Cup bearings, also known as tapered roller bearings, differ from other bearing types like ball bearings and roller bearings in several ways:

1. Load Capacity: Cup bearings are designed to handle both radial and axial loads, making them suitable for applications with combined forces. Ball bearings primarily handle radial loads, while roller bearings, including cup bearings, can manage both radial and axial loads.

2. Tapered Design: Cup bearings have a tapered design, which helps distribute loads more evenly, reducing the risk of damaging the bearings. Ball bearings have a different internal structure with small, spherical rolling elements, while roller bearings have cylindrical or tapered rollers.

3. Precision and Accuracy: Ball bearings, especially precision ball bearings, offer high levels of accuracy and low friction, making them suitable for applications where precise movement is essential. Cup bearings can provide precision but are typically used in applications with moderate to heavy loads.

4. Lubrication: Lubrication requirements can vary among bearing types. Cup bearings typically require adequate lubrication to operate efficiently. Ball bearings may need less lubrication due to their low friction design.

5. Versatility: Ball bearings and roller bearings come in various configurations, making them versatile for different applications. Cup bearings are primarily used in applications where tapered rollers are advantageous, such as automotive wheel hubs and gearboxes.

6. Specialized Applications: Some applications may benefit from specialized bearings like ball screws with ball bearings for high precision linear motion or spherical roller bearings for applications that require misalignment compensation.

The choice between cup bearings, ball bearings, and roller bearings depends on the specific needs of the application, including the type and magnitude of loads, operating conditions, and precision requirements. Each bearing type has its advantages and limitations, making proper selection essential for optimal performance and longevity.

China wholesaler 40bd49duk8a 657684 6559496 CZPT Cup GM Buick Automobile Air Conditioning Compressor Bearing   with high qualityChina wholesaler 40bd49duk8a 657684 6559496 CZPT Cup GM Buick Automobile Air Conditioning Compressor Bearing   with high quality
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