China OEM ABEC-5 3500/600 971/600 Cup Cone Roller Bearing 600*870*270 mm with Double Inner Ring wholesaler

Product Description

ABEC-5 3500/600 971/600 Cup Cone Roller Bearing 600*870*270 mm With Double Inner Ring

Bearing Specification :

Model Number 3500/600
Bearing Number Tapered Roller Bearing
Brand FSK / KBE / SKB / OEM
Material Gcr15 Chrome Steel
Cage Iron Cage
Number of Row Double Row
Dimensions(mm)(d*D*b) 600*870*270 mm
Weight / Mass ( KG ) 500 KG
HS Code  8482800000
Original Country Show CHINA

Bearings Detailed Pictures:

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Bearing Number d D H m
3510/500/HCE   500 mm 720 mm 236 mm 274 KG
3510/500X2   500 mm 720 mm 209 mm 256 KG
3511/500  1 0571 /500 500 mm 830 mm 325 mm  
3506/520  977/520 520 mm 740 mm 190 mm 231 KG
3519/530  1571/530 530 mm 710 mm 190 mm 190 KG
3510/530 971/530 530 mm 780 mm 255 mm 371 KG
3510/530X2/HCP5YA6   530 mm 780 mm 231 mm 356 KG
3511/530  1 0571 /530 530 mm 870 mm 340 mm  
3506/539X4/HC   539.75 mm 635 mm 120.65 mm 62.2 KG
3506/560/HC   560 mm 735 mm 225 mm 235 KG
3519/560 1571/560 560 mm 750 mm 213 mm 235 KG
3500/560  971/560 560 mm 820 mm 260 mm 409 KG
3510/560  971/560 560 mm 820 mm 260 mm 434 KG
3510/560X2/YA6   560 mm 820 mm 340 mm 741 KG
3511/560  1 0571 /560 560 mm 920 mm 352 mm  
3519/600  1571/600 600 mm 800 mm 205 mm 265 KG
3519/600/HC 1571/600S 600 mm 800 mm 205 mm 271 KG
3519/600X2   600 mm 800 mm 208 mm 252 KG
3500/600  971/600 600 mm 870 mm 270 mm 500 KG
3510/600  971/600 600 mm 870 mm 270 mm 517 KG
3510/600X2/HC   600 mm 870 mm 250 mm 454 KG
3511/600  1 0571 /600 600 mm 980 mm 370 mm  
3519/630  1571/630 630 mm 850 mm 242 mm 368 KG
3510/630  971/630 630 mm 920 mm 295 mm  
3510/630X2/HC   630 mm 920 mm 265 mm 570 KG
3511/630  1 0571 /630 630 mm 1030 mm 390 mm  
3519/670 1571/670 670 mm 900 mm 240 mm 416 KG
3510/670  971/670 670 mm 980 mm 310 mm 714 KG
3511/670  1 0571 /670 670 mm 1090 mm 410 mm  
3519/710 1571/710 710 mm 950 mm 240 mm 444 KG

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Our Advantage:

About FSK Factory Condition :

1.How can I get the bearing price?
Mike: You can leave your message on Alibaba, or conact us directly by email, , SkYPE, Viber. Tell us your quantity, usually 2-5 hours you will get the price.
2.How can I buy them?
Mike: You can place order on Alibaba, or pay the payment by Western Union, Paypal, T/T and L/C.
3. How long I can get these bearings?
Mike: for small order, we will delivery the bearings in 1-2 days after recive your payment. usually 3-5 days will arrive in your place by international express, such as DHL, TNT, UPS and so on. For big order, please contact us.
4.How to protect the bearing quality?
Mike: All procudts passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000 certificates. we can accept small sample order, you can check the quality.
5. Other service.
Mike: We can offer OEM service according to your demand.
FSK Bearing Company Advantages:
(1) We have first-class testing equipment to detect bearing various data parameters and control the quality of the bearing.
Whenever bearings must first detected whether the quality is qualified and the unqualified bearing will be eliminated directly.
So we can get the trust of a large number of customers, and supply them for several years.
(2) We have our own R & D capabilities, to help customers solve the problem of non-standard bearings.
We can also according to customer requirements change their own mark.
(3) Price, our manufacture ensure that our prices across China are quite competitive.
It is better for you to compare prices and quality among suppliers.
But everyone knows you can not buy the highest quality products with the lowest price,
but our product is the best quality if you use equal price.
FSK Cooperation Details
For Small weight or ungent ,we send by express UPS,DHL,FEDEX, or EMS,china post with Thracking number
For max production , we will ship by sea/air.
Payment Item:
TT, 30% deposit , 70% before shippment.
L/C At SightPaypal Or Western Union In advance
Trade Assurance
Payment Protection
Timely Delivery Guaranteed
Product Qualtity Protection


ABEC-5 3500/600 971/600 Cup Cone Roller Bearing 600*870*270 mm With Double Inner Ring, Get Cheap Price From China Bearing Factory Now !


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Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Double
Outer Dimension: 870 mm
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

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Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

cup bearing

Variations in Cup Bearing Designs for Different Operating Conditions

Cup bearings come in various designs tailored to different operating conditions and requirements. Some common variations include:

  • Tapered Cup Bearings: These are designed to handle both radial and axial loads and are commonly used in applications like automotive wheel hubs.
  • Needle Roller Cup Bearings: Needle rollers provide high load-carrying capacity in a compact design, making them suitable for applications with limited space.
  • Thrust Cup Bearings: These are designed to withstand axial loads and are often used in applications like automotive transmissions.
  • Precision Cup Bearings: These bearings are manufactured to tight tolerances for high-precision applications such as machine tools and aerospace equipment.
  • Stainless Steel Cup Bearings: Stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance, making them suitable for food processing and marine applications.
  • Plastic or Nylon Cup Bearings: These lightweight bearings are used in low-load, low-speed applications where corrosion resistance and low friction are needed.
  • Heavy-Duty Cup Bearings: These robust bearings are designed for heavy radial and axial loads, commonly found in construction and agricultural machinery.

Each variation is optimized for specific conditions and load types, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in various industrial and mechanical applications.

cup bearing

Enhancing Efficiency and Functionality with Cup Bearings

Cup bearings provide several advantages that enhance the efficiency and functionality of mechanical systems:

1. Reduced Friction: Cup bearings are designed to reduce friction between moving parts, which results in less energy loss and increased mechanical efficiency. This reduction in friction leads to improved performance and energy savings.

2. Load Support: Cup bearings offer excellent load-carrying capabilities, making them suitable for applications where heavy loads need to be supported. This ensures the stability and reliability of mechanical systems under varying loads.

3. Misalignment Compensation: Cup bearings can accommodate misalignment to some extent, allowing mechanical systems to operate smoothly even when components are not perfectly aligned. This feature minimizes wear and tear and prolongs the lifespan of the machinery.

4. Durability: Cup bearings are known for their durability, which contributes to the longevity of mechanical systems. They can withstand heavy loads, shock loads, and harsh environmental conditions without compromising their performance.

5. Precision: In applications where precision is crucial, such as manufacturing and automation, cup bearings provide the necessary stability and accuracy. This precision ensures that machinery operates as intended, leading to high-quality output.

6. Versatility: Cup bearings are versatile and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different mechanical systems. This adaptability allows them to be used in a wide range of applications.

7. Reduced Maintenance: The durability and reliability of cup bearings result in lower maintenance requirements. Reduced maintenance leads to increased uptime and cost savings for businesses relying on mechanical systems.

Overall, cup bearings are instrumental in enhancing the overall efficiency, functionality, and performance of mechanical systems across various industries.

cup bearing

Cup Bearings: Functions and Operation

Cup bearings, also known as tapered roller bearings, are critical components in various machinery and automotive systems. They serve the crucial function of enabling the smooth and efficient rotation of a shaft or assembly. Here’s how cup bearings function in machinery:

1. Tapered Design: Cup bearings have a unique tapered design, which includes an outer ring (the cup) and an inner ring (the cone). This design allows for efficient distribution of radial and axial loads, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

2. Reduction of Friction: Cup bearings reduce friction between moving parts, enabling the assembly to rotate with minimal resistance. This reduction in friction helps improve the efficiency of the machinery and reduces heat generation.

3. Radial and Axial Load Handling: Cup bearings are capable of handling both radial (perpendicular to the shaft) and axial (parallel to the shaft) loads. This versatility makes them suitable for applications where loads may vary in direction.

4. High Precision: Cup bearings are manufactured to high-precision standards, ensuring that they provide accurate and stable rotation. This precision is essential in applications where exact positioning and smooth motion are critical.

5. Rolling Elements: Cup bearings contain rolling elements (usually tapered rollers) positioned between the inner and outer rings. These rolling elements transmit the load from one ring to the other with very little friction, enhancing the bearing’s load-carrying capacity.

6. Lubrication: Proper lubrication is crucial for the smooth operation of cup bearings. Lubricant reduces friction and wear, prolonging the bearing’s service life. Lubrication also helps dissipate heat generated during operation.

7. Applications: Cup bearings are commonly used in automotive applications, including wheel hubs and transmissions, as well as industrial machinery such as conveyors, gearboxes, and agriculture equipment.

8. Adjustability: In many cup bearing designs, the axial position of the inner ring (cone) can be adjusted, allowing for precise control over the assembly’s clearance and preload. This adjustability is valuable for fine-tuning the bearing’s performance.

9. Longevity: Cup bearings are designed for durability and can provide a long service life when properly maintained. Regular maintenance, including lubrication and monitoring for wear, is essential to maximize their longevity.

Overall, cup bearings play a fundamental role in machinery by reducing friction, enabling efficient load transmission, and ensuring precision in rotation. Their versatility and reliability make them indispensable in various mechanical and automotive systems.

China OEM ABEC-5 3500/600 971/600 Cup Cone Roller Bearing 600*870*270 mm with Double Inner Ring   wholesalerChina OEM ABEC-5 3500/600 971/600 Cup Cone Roller Bearing 600*870*270 mm with Double Inner Ring   wholesaler
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